WTF…..F? White Trash Fast Food!

Germany Goes Jiffy

High Steppin Fresh outta Berlin, The “Vokuhila” brings us another crazy photo of some German Eatery. Now, When I think of “White Trash Fast Food” I think of a double wide trailer with a drive thru window cut out one of the sides, But apparently germans either have the wrong perspective or haven watched “Cops” enough? Im still trying to make the correlation between the Oriental Design and the name. The Vokuhila tells me he went in and the place was all decorated with 50′s American style Elvis stuff? My hats off to the germans for baffling my mind once again!Check out The Vokuhila’s blog as well

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One Comment on "WTF…..F? White Trash Fast Food!"

  1. The Vokuhila says:

    Yes, and they had a straight-up 50s rock-a-billy band playing. This place was like a Dr. Seuss book on opium.

    I thought maybe the Germans were creating the king of ironic statements by mocking the Asian’s use of American words in the wrong context “just to sound cool” but I have a feeling I’m giving the Krauts way too much credit there.

    On the plus side, they came through on the white trash food with some killer chili cheese fries.

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