Who is this Guy…Mr. Jax???

Does anyone know who this guy is? He is everywhere in jax. We saw him at The Players Championship wearing an all pink Payne Stewart outfit…knickers,socks, and all and we offered him a beer and just kept drinking and hanging out with him which eventually led to placing bets
with old men on 17 to see who would hit it in the water, but never got his name. Then i saw him at the 311/Matisyahu concert dressed up like Matisyahu? I say we call him Mr. Jax because he is everywhere and is fully involved and causing a ruckus. He is very easy to recognize because he is kinda short and his beard makes him look like he was in 300. If anyone knows him, let us know!!!

Jiffy feet

6 Comments on "Who is this Guy…Mr. Jax???"

  1. tonya says:

    This is the only part of the game that I saw live…It happened so fast that seconds went by before I realized that that guy actually had a styrofoam vagina.

  2. sarah b says:

    i know him! well, i don’t actually know him, but he tailgates for all the games with my friends. I have a picture of him in a kilt. I’ll figure out his name for ya. p.s. nice vagina.

  3. Miles Hammerhands says:

    His name is Anthony. I used to work with him right about the time the vagina thing happed. At&t on Phillips hwy. holla

  4. kelly says:

    thats my boyfriend, anthony. =)

  5. johnp says:

    his name is Tony…he is my roommate

  6. Anthony S. says:

    Thats me cuzzo! Hit me up on my myspace, or e-mail!!!


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