Vintage Jiffy: The Carta Family Hotrod Shortbus

Marisa went home for fathers day two weekends ago, and uncovered this Polaroid of her dad in this chopped VW hotrod short bus that they had when Marisa and her sister were kids. How she could fail to remember this till now is a tragedy, but she does remember they called it the Cap N’ Cruch Van! What I would give to have a better pic of the screamin eagle on the front. Apparently they used to take it to van shows. Marisa’s dad looked so happy in this pic, i wish they would have kept it. Bruce Bruce makes a good point though, It does look like the original Element… which is what Marisa drives now! hahah

5 Comments on "Vintage Jiffy: The Carta Family Hotrod Shortbus"

  1. sarah says:

    i LOVE this car!

  2. Chad says:

    That thing looks sweet.

  3. TheCrobar says:

    always endless entertainment………i bet he had a sword in there as well.

  4. Patti Carta says:

    Oh yeah, remember it well, was fun, but a little scary as you always felt it would tip forward and nosedive, wish we still had it though!

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