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Commentary by: “Big Time” – Alright, so I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Jiffy Feet when it first rolled out. BUT – now I see first hand the comic value behind living in this great world of ours. Check out these two pics I took today. The first is a dude driving down the road on 95S headed to 295 with what appears to be some sort of homemade boxcar/boat. And the other image is a sign advertising a condo…check out the abbreviation for Boulevard – no “V”, the spelling of Williams – only one “L”, oh yea and the money shot…how do you spell “Price”…I didn’t realize there was an “A” in Price! – Well done, BIG TIME, not bad for your Jiffy Debut! We are glad to see you’ve finally decided to come to the darkside with us. Its apparent the peeps in the mini-van don’t have any concept of Aerodynamics! Looks like Tom Sawyer got an upgrade. And let me tell you, nothing says “Lemon” like a badly misspelled real estate sign. yeah ill buy your house for that prace!

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  1. Bruce Bruce says:

    I have seen the “Prace” sign also, someone beat me to it with the pic though.

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