The Vokuhila Finds home!!! Colors and Styles

Germany Goes Jiffy

For all you who were wondering what the hell “Vokuhila stands for, here’s your sign! Hats off to the Germans on this one. They actually have a barber shop called “The Mullet” where you can walk in a get your favorite style on the spot. This place is no joke, they got rad illustrated signage and everything. It’s kinda crazy though because the style of the logo and the overall store design suggests this place is the happening spot, and that the mullet is in full effect and not a cut of the past! How can you walk past this store and not want to get one? Travis, I need photos from the inside, do you except this mission? Very Nice-a!!!

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Jiffy feet

One Comment on "The Vokuhila Finds home!!! Colors and Styles"

  1. The Vokuhila says:

    And for the inquiring minds… Vokuhila, or more specifically VoKuHiLa is slang for Vor (front) Kurz (short) Hinter (back) Lange (long).

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