The Heisman Trophy of Pole Dancing!

Everybody please give a firewood warm welcome to our newest dancer SAWDUST!!! This thing might have been created right where she strips boys & girls. The remains of this once stout piece of wood is laying right there in the bed of the truck as pure evidence of craftsmanship. In all honesty though, you can’t really knock this guy, if your thing is making wooden pole dancing strippers out of old tree stumps, then I would agree the best form of advertisement would have to be tied by rope to the bed of the truck for all to see.

She does appear to be a bit anorexic and her breast do seem to be extremely lopsided but I can’t help but notice the striking resemblance she bares to the semi-truck mudflap girl. Cousin’s Maybe? This would be a perfect candidate for those old Budweiser commercials… “Here’s to you wooden pole dancing stripper maker guy!” It’s the wood that keeps on giving. Photo: John Stewart – Augusta GA.

P.S… Of course there’s a Golden Corral in the background. Oh yeah… We counted the rings, She’s legal.

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