THE FALL – Push 2 Gallery Jacksonville

Gawd!, There is so much that is funny about this video I don’t even know where to start. I actually witnessed this live at the “Push 2″ gallery in downtown jax. You can also see this video in quicktime here so you can slo-mo it and play it back at your own speed. Well let’s first of all state that people will always find ways to make fools of themselves even in high society settings. This Lady, with beer and whatever the hell else all that other shit was, in hand sees a prime opportunity to get on camera. I guess maybe she thought it was the news? Then in her attemp, she forgot to make the back up “Beep Beep” noise as she decided to change direction in the middle of traffic which causes a rear end collision with the poor guy behind her who, if you watch, follows her all the way down with the “Im going to make it look like I tried to catch you but not really” effort. Then notice as she stumbles backward, her head literally comes within centimeters of catching the corner of that frame and the whole way down during that single instance of panic her mind goes into save the beer mode. she held that beer upright the whole way down risking life and limb until the very end when she decides to dump it all over herself. And notice the guy on the right of the screen, she spills some beer on him and before she even hits the ground he has a hankerchief out cleaning off his Lee Dungarees! Who the hell carries a hankerchief around at that age? Then to end it, she says “I hope you got that on tape”. How could he not have? She damn near broke her neck trying to get in the frame. And now it’s on here for the whole world too see! Enjoy!

Jiffy feet

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