Jiffy Feet – The Definition

Jiffy Feet is a Southern Term which is used to describe the layer of black filth one would get from walking, to, from, In, and around a convenience store, aka “Jiffy Store” barefooted.

This Term “Jiffy Feet” which is used to describe this phenomenon got its name because the predominate convenience store chain of the area was named the “Huntley Jiffy” or “Jiffy Store” for short and was owned and operated by the Orange Park based Huntley Family. Due to the 342 stores that peppered North Florida and Southern Georgia, The Term “Jiffy” became the generic phrase that all locals used to describe any and all convenience stores. And in the same manner, the term “Jiffy Feet” became the phrase that is used to describe any and all filthy feet, regardless of how they were acquired.

The exact location of where the term originated is not certain, but the epicenter is arguably in the Palatka / Orange Park / Middleburg Area. The Chain of Convenience stores was sold in 1990 by the Hunltey Family.

Since 2004, JiffyFeet.com, now use the term “Jiffy Feet” to describe something with a much broader meaning and cultural stroke. “It now defines a whole subculture of southern ghetto”. With contributions from myself, Lonnie Lonnington, friends, and other locals, JiffyFeet.com now hosts a mass library of photographic evidence to support this new branched off definition of the once simple term.

Too make the correlation, Typically, the same folk who can be seen barefooted in and around a Jiffy Store bumming cigarettes, hanging out, picking up a tall boy and a lotto scratcher, are the same folk who would most likely try to strap 5 mattresses and a couple of night-stands to the hood of their car using string or just their arms to hold it down, or paint their the mobile home to look like a NASCAR trailer, or weld two Mini-Vans together to form a makeshift Mini-Van Limousine to carry more kids.

Ironically, there are very few pictures of Barefooted folk actually in a “Jiffy” or present day convenience store on Jiffyfeet.com or the web period for that matter, but while it happens all the time, getting a photo of the event is kinda like seeing Big-foot, by the time you’ve spotted them, their gone. However, as cellphone camera technology progresses, and cameras become increasingly more at the ready, I’m is sure they will start rolling in.

– Lonnie Lonnignton