Cars + Train Horns = Pooped Pants

I stopped at the store to get a drink today around lunch time, and right as I was walking in the door, some guy in a mercedes blew his “152 decible train horn” and everyone hit the deck! It was so damn loud my ears rang for like 30 minutes. It seriously felt like I was standing on train tracks. It was the loudest horn I ever heard! So I called “Bruce Bruce” to get the details on this and he informed me that was a big thing going on right now in the “Neck” comminty and that one of his buddies had one and how much fun it is. He than told me there was some videos floating round the net, so I found one for you to see. The Video does no justice to how loud it actually is but you can tell by how startled all these people are! So keep an ear out cause ya might get blasted! oh and this video is shot in and around jax from the looks of it. Revised: Ok so I checked out the website and these guys are from Jax and there is a whole group of them. There are six videos on the site and from the looks of it, nobody is safe. They hit the horn on old people, people on crutches, animals, police officers and children. And i just found out that the person who blew the horn on me today knew me and was probably honking it at me. There can’t be that many people with train horns on there mercedes in mayport! So if your reading this, you know who you are, Thanks for opening my eyes to this entertaining new sport!

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