Poor-Trait Tattoo or Artist Boo Boo

Either this kid had a who friend who had a pigs nose and wore an old time bell hop hat or this tattoo artist really messed up. Now obviously Im not trying to rip, cause this has to be a tattoo in remembrance of someone, but damn. ( Our luck this kid probably had a condition or something which is why he looked like that and died so young, so there’s no need to tell us were a bunch assholes. we already know.) But on the slim chance you wrong, and its just a really bad tattoo, it’s worth posting. Photo: pointshootenjoy

One Comment on "Poor-Trait Tattoo or Artist Boo Boo"

  1. jacquie says:

    While it may be in bad taste to mock the dead, it’s never, ever, ever in bad taste to make fun of a terribly executed tattoo. And this, friend, is a terribly executed tattoo.

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