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So what is considered a Jiffy worthy pic you ask?
Well What I tell people is this, If you see something that is so crazy, stupid, Awesome, or down right ridiculous, that you feel compelled to stop what your doing to try to get a pic, well then that’s most likely a Jiffy Feet Worthy pic. And if you get a pic of something you like, send it in and we will give you all the props you deserve!

And Don’t Even Think About it…
As a reminder, all our photos are 100% original. No Photoshop Chopped pics, no email forwards, nada. We are professionals over here and can sniff this shit out in a heartbeat. Cause Seriously, If your on the internet looking at this site and thinking of submitting a pic, your already on a different page than the people who are on our site, And neither of us could make this shit up!

Tips for getting the best Pics!
Cause We all love the “Bigfoot in the forrest” pic but a nice clear photo is much better!

If you see someone on the street wearing a ridiculous outfit or sporting a terrible mullet, and you wanna get a good pic at Hand-to-Hand combat range, there are a few ways to go about this.

1. Instead of blatantly trying to take a pic of them without them seeing you, walk right up to them and say “hey you look just like my cousin Duddy (or whoever) he is never gonna believe this, let me get a pic with you!” this is a page right out of The Crobars book and It works every time!

2. Call out exactly what it is they are doing that’s ridiculous and instead of teasing them tell them how awesome you think it is. hell at that point you will probably get a back story as well. double score! But be advised this may result in more time talking to them than you originally planned. Tell them you wanna take a photo for future reference and frame that sucker up perfect!

3. If your gonna go stealth and try to sneak a pic, at least have the proper equipment and you should probably take ninja classes! Get a Camera that doesn’t look like a camera, aka The iPhone, cause you can turn down the volume so you dont hear the click and they have no clue what you doing on that thing. Or get yourself a digital camera that has a good one-handed grip on the side you can shoot from the hip. This is how most of the Bike Week shots go down. It’s real crowded down there. Or you can just get yourself a camera with a damn good zoom… and like a sniper they will never see it coming.

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