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Why, because we can.


Keith Harring would be so proud of this graphic. As long as a dog can lick his own nuts, we should be able to wear shirts that honor that ability without judgement. By Gawd this is America! I guess this is what happens when some men get off the leash, they wear shirts like this in public, haha. Here’s to weak leashes and t-shirt designers with a sense of humor. Photo: Lonnie

Hippie with a HARD(hat) ON!

Hippie with a HARD(hat) ON!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

I love the caution tape across the back tailgate with the “If It Swells Ride It” sticker right above it. Hippie’s really know how to blur the line between Dangerous and Safe. You can never tell if they are gonna offer you drugs or hummus. Photo: Lonnie Lonnington – Jax Beach

The Oversized Mud Boggin Man Bike!

Now this is how you build a Man’s Bicycle… Full size truck wheels and muddin tires on an oversized frame with big handlebars and a metal spade backrest! The only down side is you need a buddy to get you started, haha. Put a motor on that thing mang! Andre The Giant would have looked awesome on this. Photo: Lonnie Lonnington – Neptune Beach

LAWN & ORDER SUV Landscape Crew!

LAWN & ORDER SUV Landscape Crew!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Because It’s A Crime to Have An Ugly Lawn!!! Best/Most Creative Lawn Care name I’ve seen yet (The Lawn Ranger is a close second). Email us if you think you can beat it! – Photo: Lonnie Lonnington.

Sissy Bar Crutches Not For Sissies!

When I first saw this guy with these huge crutches sticking up off the sissy bar, i assumed that this bike was just a makeshift cruiser seeing how it also had a horse saddle for a seat but when I caught up with him and found the bike to missing the crutches, I knew these things weren’t just for looks. This guy was hardcore. Not to mention that his bum leg was he gear shifting left leg. When you gotta cash that workers comp check, you do what you gotta do! Nice work you tough as nails old timer! Video: Lonnie Lonnington

One Hot, Well Done American Dodge!

This might be the best example of “Too Much Flames” on a paint job I’ve ever seen. And there’s a chrome “flame” grill insert just in case you missed the others. Lucky for this guy, I think it was a big sticker and not paint for the day he goes to sell it and realizes what it wasn’t such a “Hot” idea, haha. Just like heat… The south will rise again! Photo: Lonnie

Dong Dishes… Now It’s a PARTY!!!

This must be the "Ladies Night" special they were referring to on the sign. If you are in the Avondale area possibly checking out the new Mojo’s #4 Bar-B-Q because you don’t feel like "Doing Dishes" tonight, just take a look at this nice little window display next door. Maybe it’s just me but that top row of dishes look like they must have been pretty hard… to paint that is! haha Photo: Lonnie (Avondale)

The Cost of Gas Just Got Higher!

The Cost of Gas Just Got Higher!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

I wonder if there is a note on the price sign that reads "Pump At Your Own Risk" One gallon could equal your life. I know we all are really dependent on gasoline but if pulling under that death trap is my only choice… I’ll park it and start walking. Really guys, a couple of 2×20 wood boards that you could kick loose with your foot. No gas is worth possibly getting crushed under that thing, and It has been like this for well over a month now. Someone call code enforcement, this thing is out of control. Photo: Lonnie (95 & 207)

A Dirty Old Wives’ Tale-Gate Party

This might be the best combination of two traditions I’ve ever seen! Old Wives’ Tales & Tailgate Parties. We’ll call this the “Dirty South” Combo (Just in case you can’t read dirty writing, it says “I wish my wife was this dirty.”) Photo: Lonnie Lonnington

Introducing The RED DAWN Mullet

Introducing The RED DAWN Mullet, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Cause this is what your hair looks like after being attacked by 8 WOLVERINES!!! MILITARY in the front, CIVILIAN in the back. Hell it might even be a hair extension from Lea Thompson from what I can tell… Or Swayze? Photo: Lonnie Lonnington (The Woods Community Yardsale)