MEN of Vanity… License Plate’s That is!

Can I get a loan Mr. CASHMAN?, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Can I get a loan Mr. CASHMAN?
That License plate is one sure fire way to get your truck broke into don’t you think? ps. I think someone stole your NRA sticker from the right side of the window, haha.

GRA5 MAN or HARD AWN? Whats Better?
So what, GRA55 MAN was taken? Lucky for this guy he has a giant Lawn Service Sign right next to it. I mean Im all about creative ways to say stuff in 7 letters or less but this is pushing it. I think since you gotta leave out a letter, HARD AWN (missing L) would have been a better play and a whole lot funnier!

Both photos by: Badday81/Chris Day/Chris Night

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