I’ll cut the rest tommorow…Maybe?

Mullet Sightings

The dividing line between BUSINESS and PLEASURE has never looked so clear!!! Now we know why it hurt Jesus to love us so much… Because he gave us hair to warm our heads and look what mankind has done to it! Just when we thought the mullet couldn’t get any worse, this fabulous cut comes along. I’ve never seen a cut like this all my mullet watching years, this “Hatchback Mullet” is the first of its kind. And I have to give credit where it is due, to up-and-coming jiffy correspondant “The KAT”. You have seriously captured the “Sasquatch” of all mullets. And even though I know the Jesus shirt is probably a joke, I still can’t help to think about the Blasphemy that is going on in this picture. Jesus shirt+Cigarrette+Alcoholic Beverage+Really Bad Haircut=Something Not good. The look on the girls face just screams…WTF? But Seriously Sir…My hat is off to you for having the balls to go outside like this. There a very few humans who have had the courage to rock a mullet that could change the world, and you just single handidly caused it to skip a beat.

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2 Comments on "I’ll cut the rest tommorow…Maybe?"

  1. Joe says:


  2. big dunn says:

    dear sir thank you for loving my mullet so much!!!!

    i have tshirts with my mullet and name on them they are awesome!!!

    -big dunn

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