Happy Cat Electric – Our Service Will Shock You!

Either all the other “Electric” company names were already taken… Or there is one hell of a story behind this name. Cause I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a cat being happy after he stuck his paw in a light socket. And even though I love the play on words effort with the “Our Service Will Shock You”, thats kinda like a Septic Tank Company having a tag line that says “Our Service Stinks” hahaha. Maybe need to rethink that one guys! Photo: The Crobar

4 Comments on "Happy Cat Electric – Our Service Will Shock You!"

  1. PCARTER says:

    Haha, that’s my buddy’s company!

  2. TheCrobar says:

    that was a jaw-dropper……!

  3. admin says:


    mcmahanr said:
    We love Happy Cat Electric!! This the best electric company !!! Yes, the service will shock you!!! It will be the best you ever had from any electric company out there!!!

    flo-Rida3 said:
    I have no complaints from Happy-Cat! Good, honest folks!

    BNDMOM2009 said:
    There IS a story behind this company. It starts with 2 young men fresh out of high school who went to the World Trade Center and helped set up the electricity for the recovery effort working continually for many days with out any real sleep. It is also about the two young men who, showed the courage and work ethic to start a company with very little except a lot of sweat and a beat up truck. Their h …

  4. admin says:

    See i knew there would be a good story behind that name!!! I was kinda hoping they had family cat that had his hair all frizzed up that rode around with them. Thanks for your service guys, you need a site to tell your story!

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