Germany Goes Jiffy…Feet that is!

Germany Goes Jiffy

This brand new section of our site has been along time coming, and thanks to “THE VOKUHILA” (Our Germany Correspondant Travis) Our dreams have come true! The Vokuhila gave up everything he had here in the states to bring you all the “Jiffy Feet Action” that happens overseas. Which is the greatest sacrifice a Jiffy correespondant could ever make. So what most of you might not realize is, People overseas are either setting new trends in fashion that we wont see for 10 years, or sporting our fashions from 10 years ago, which is right around the time the mullet was born! So big ups to T-Todd, Your new segment is gonna rock our American Faces off everyday! Check out The Vokuhila’s blog as well

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Jiffy feet

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