Chevy with a Levy – Live Fish Tank Back Window!

Forget ballin out with tv’s in the headrest… this guy just beat everyone with a live fish tank in the back window of his Chevy S-10 truck, Scuba Diver, Coral and all. I love that he has neon lights in there so you can see it at night. This one is up there, big points. – Photo: Bruce Bruce.

One Comment on "Chevy with a Levy – Live Fish Tank Back Window!"

  1. David J. Stroud VIII says:

    WoW, It’s my truck, Auburndale, FL. Someone pulled me over for some pics and they saw the exact truck on this site! Sure enough there she is. Someone took the pic and uploaded it with a nice review too! Thank You, for the time and comments! Now can I get this out on the market.?. Next the rear side windows, and a spa in the back! SPATRUCULAR!

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