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No Sugar In Their Tanks!

No Sugar In Their Tanks!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Hmmm … Glad it’s the Watresses and not the Waitresses at this restaurant… cause nobody wants to see that. Photo: @amesploss at Ponce Inlet

Hold On Little Doggy!!!

Hold On Little Doggy!!!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Don’t Brush… That… Dog Off Your Shoulders… Seriously Man, You got a little dog on your shoulders dude! This definitely brings new meaning to the old saying ‘Hold On Little Doggy!!!” haha. Get the little guy a basket for gosh sakes, I mean I’ve heard of riding bitch before but dang. This guy just elevated himself to the highest level of Hipster possible with this one, haha. Photo: Tyrone Wallace – Jax Beach.

Simply Unbeweaveable!

Simply Unbeweaveable!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

The photo submission comes straight out of Springfield in the heart of downtown Jacksonville. As a culture… I guess this it what Weave come to expect from an area of town where transients, nerdowells, and women of the night blow through the streets like Tumbleweaves. Photo: CLandenberger (Springfield)

Urban Camping at Starbucks! Wi-Fi? Wi-Not!

This is Major Tom to Ground Control, Im in slippers in a Starbucks!
Poaching Internet on your laptop or smartphone at your local coffee house is one thing, but bringing your whole CPU, Monitor, and Ergonomic Gaming Mouse into a freaking Starbucks is out of control. And who rocks their headphones over your hoodie? Unless they are Beats By Dre, tuck them things under, haha. Who am I kidding, this person lugged their whole PC into a Starbucks wearing house slippers, they have no concern for appearance. I guess one thing is for sure… if you ain’t got money for internet service, you dang sure cant afford an iPad or a tablet but I guess popping for a Grande Venti Mocha Chino Latte evens everything right up! Well Played. Photo: J Money

Side Car Sammy & The Chocolate Chariot

Side Car Sammy & The Dog Chariot, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Side Car Sammy & The Dog Chariot, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

I’ve been trying to get video or a photo of these guys for years. The previous setup was much more “Roman Chariot” like in that the dog’s only option was to sit up so when they took curves he would lean with it which was awesome. But now Sir Sammy has a much more Cadillac Style Sidecar which looks much more comfortable. How awesome is this. I’m a cat person my self but seeing this makes me want a dog and a scooter. God Speed Fella’s… God Speed! (I’m not sure what the dog’s actually name is but if he has a middle name I bet its spelled A-W-E-S-O-M-E) Photo: Lonnie AB

Mayport American Made!

Mayport American Made!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Just imagine seeing this guy go by on the street to the soundtrack of “I am a real American” from hulk hogans wrestling days! This Double Decker bike takes cake not only because of all the American Flag flare (5 Count) but for shear imagination. The boogie board doubles as a luggage rack and surf rider when parked at the beach. The two backpacks that are used for storage and as some kind of weight pulley system to hold down the boogie board. The front basket with extra American flag pouch and hell yeah, if you approaching 50 and riding a double decker bike through Mayport… you gotta ride shirt open in the front to catch a breeze during the summer heat. and he had an ipod of some kind. I bet it was playing “back in the high life again” by Steve winnowed – Photo Lonnie, Mayport Rd.

The Costco of Condom Sales!


Are you planning a last minute Ménage A Two Thousand and need some protection in a hurry? Here’s your place! Just don’t be upset when you find out you have 20 baby mommy’s and a slew of various VD’s. Or some people might just feel Gas Station condoms just weren’t fast enough. I wonder if this thing has a drive thru? This place looks like the Costco of condom retailers. Haha. Photo: Daniel Tanner via South Carolina!

No Sleep Till 10th Street! AB.

No Sleep Till 10th Street! AB., originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

This one just in from the beach access at 10th street in Atlantic beach. Our good friend and jersey local “The Zone” snapped this and said their were two chicks sleeping in the jeep and this guy was on the ground. I mean, I’m all for chivalry, but dang. Why anyone would choose to sleep between two cars in the parking lot on the oil covered gravel vs laying in the soft beach sand is beyond me. Photo: ZONE

The Oversized Mud Boggin Man Bike!

Now this is how you build a Man’s Bicycle… Full size truck wheels and muddin tires on an oversized frame with big handlebars and a metal spade backrest! The only down side is you need a buddy to get you started, haha. Put a motor on that thing mang! Andre The Giant would have looked awesome on this. Photo: Lonnie Lonnington – Neptune Beach

LAWN & ORDER SUV Landscape Crew!

LAWN & ORDER SUV Landscape Crew!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Because It’s A Crime to Have An Ugly Lawn!!! Best/Most Creative Lawn Care name I’ve seen yet (The Lawn Ranger is a close second). Email us if you think you can beat it! – Photo: Lonnie Lonnington.