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The Halloween Bucket Head Boom Box Bag Lady

She’s Coming for your kids on Halloween and she wants their shoelaces and D batteries!!! Holy Crap, This lady is out of control. I bet She makes one hell of a scary noise coming down a dark alley dragging all that crap behind her. And where the hell did she get that orange hair? If you open your door on halloween and this lady is standing there, you better have more than just candy to hand over. “Trick or Treat… You got some crack?” Photo: Bruce Bruce

Faux Zebrea Bikini Type Tee

faux Zebrea Bikini T-shirt, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

I genuinely have no Idea what is going on with this outfit… I mean it appears to be some sort of Type Tee referring to relaxing but then printed on top are some what appears to be fake zebra stripped bikini tops that are un hooked… Congratulations Lady, you have officially stumped the Jiffy Feet Crew with this Outfit! If anyone thinks they know, Please hit us up! Photo: The Ratt

MEN of Vanity… License Plate’s That is!

Can I get a loan Mr. CASHMAN?, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Can I get a loan Mr. CASHMAN?
That License plate is one sure fire way to get your truck broke into don’t you think? ps. I think someone stole your NRA sticker from the right side of the window, haha.

GRA5 MAN or HARD AWN? Whats Better?
So what, GRA55 MAN was taken? Lucky for this guy he has a giant Lawn Service Sign right next to it. I mean Im all about creative ways to say stuff in 7 letters or less but this is pushing it. I think since you gotta leave out a letter, HARD AWN (missing L) would have been a better play and a whole lot funnier!

Both photos by: Badday81/Chris Day/Chris Night

No Muff Too Tuff for the Lone Wolf!

No Muff Too Tuff!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Yes that thing is… correction, was real. feet, eyeballs and all. At least he had the respect to shade the eyes! The Lone Wolf Mo Club says No Muff Too Tuff. It puts the lotion on the furrr!!!

F.A.R.M. CLUB INC = Zero Pimpin Allowed.

Fathers Against Rap Music = Zero Pimpin. This shirt is effin ridiculous. Not just for that ridiculous graphic but for all Acronym’s and extensions. I mean cmon’, INC.? really, your incorporated, haha. Photo The Ratt

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34 Biketoberfest 2008 Photos – The Awful House!

Welcome to the Awful house!

Well, better late than never I always say… haha. I finally got around to posting the pics we took from BIKETOBERFEST last year. You can now check out all 34 of them in all their glory in our flickr Photo Set. This set has got it all mang, The Fathers Against Rap Music Shirt | The Mobile Stud Service | The Second Worst Tattoo Ever | The Ice Cream Man From Hell | No Muff Too Tuff | The Crotch Rocket Duelly | a Trough of Delicious Eats and much much more, Enjoy!!!


The Most Racist T-Shirt Ever… WTF?!

Holy Shite!!! Have you ever seen a more racist T-Shirt in your life? And if it wasn’t a ridiculous enough graphic to begin with, they printed it on a Neon Green Tee. That thing looks fresh out the package. I think this guy knew that this might be the only place besides a Klan rally that he could wear this and not get beat down. I mean, talk about balls… Gawd. Props to @pointshootenjoy for capturing this spectacle of Outrageous Apparel. And If you haven’t guessed, It was Taken at the MONSTER TRUCK rally here in Jax last year, I just been holding on to it for a while. Let the Comments Fly!!!

Get Nailed By The Best! Licensed & Insured.

Pull your britches up mang, it’s time to do some Nailin and Roofin!!! The shirt says it all, Nice pic @pointshootenjoy

Rocky The Raccon Vs The Jaguar Tattoo

Lookout… Rocky “The Back of the Head” Raccoon, There is a Giant Jaguar tattoo after you! And that’s all I have to say about that. Photo by Eddie Pitts of Submission by PCarter

Talladega Nights…On Crack Rock.

Fashion Show

Well Folks…Just when you thought you’ve seen it all. Big Massive Props to Eskee for bringing home this Jiffy Feet Top 5 of all time. And just in case you’re wondering how to get in the top 5? Just send in a pic of ZZ TOP wearing a sequin tu-tu and a MAN CAMEL!!! I knew when I was watching the 500 this weekend that my boy Rock was gonna get something special. I mean, what the hell does this crazy ass outfit have to do with nascar? All I can think about is that line from Chappelles Show where Tyrone Biggums says “I don’t know if you know this bout me Joe Rogan, but I smoke Rocks”! Ok, so lets break down this pic so we can completely understand the madness!!!!

Fashion Show

Box A: HOLY MAN-CAMEL!!! It actually is so big it looks like butt cheeks. The only thing worse than a man-camel is a man-camel in pink, black and gray vertical stripped spandex under a pink tu-tu. Double Woof…WTF.

Box B: The Deadliest Combo Ever. Orange spray painted beard, two-tone neon terminator glasses, Tribal Face Paint, Straw hat with American Flag / checkered Flag flare! Jerry Garcia Lives!!!

Box C: Those Clown Gowns ain’t coverin up those Velcro “Velkies” shoes buddy! We see them shits. Nice Beetle Juice socks too!.

Box D: UTAH…Gimme Two, says Willow!!! Is he about to try to gouge someones eyes out with those stubbs? Peace be with you hobits!

Box E: Two Tone Sequin vest with one button holding it all together amongst a bed of Mardi-Gras flare and a passport to the place where magical outfits like this happen.

Box F: Hand held disposable camera? What could this guy possibly see a the Talladega Speedway that could possibly be more crazy than he is? Well I guess if he does, it would be awesome to have a pic of that guy!!!!

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