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Why, because we can.


Keith Harring would be so proud of this graphic. As long as a dog can lick his own nuts, we should be able to wear shirts that honor that ability without judgement. By Gawd this is America! I guess this is what happens when some men get off the leash, they wear shirts like this in public, haha. Here’s to weak leashes and t-shirt designers with a sense of humor. Photo: Lonnie

Ponte Vedra Pets & Fashion Faux Paws

This just in from the Ponte Vedra Pet Owners Fashion Society – All dogs now required to wear eye protection to protect them from UV rays, Doggles are strictly prohibited. Photo: Jerry (Ponte Vedra)

The #3 Clipper Guard by Dale Senior

Product Spotlight: In the vast market of racing merchandise, this proves that Nascar legends will live on forever, however possible. We introduce the brand new Dale Senior #3 Hair Clipper Guard, faster and with less drag! Bet this guy didn’t think it would still be there a month after the 500, haha. So Awesome. Long Live #3. Photo: NateDog

Too Much Junk In, Around, & On The Trunk!

Hey Buddy, your seat belt is hanging out the drivers side door… oh wait, never mind. I bet you could cut that rope in one place and ruin that guys week. What cracks me up is that he probably ditched the mattress & bed frame to avoid renting a Uhaul, but the random bar stool, coffee table, and plastic chair just couldn’t get left behind. Priorities People! But who are we kidding here, We all know he sleeps in the game chair!

This submission is from an avid Jiffy Feet Follower straight out of Riverside! Apparently the guy was moving down south from Georgia and had to make a stop at the bank, Go Figure. If I had to guess I would say the inside of that guys car looked like that prior to deciding to move. Photo by: M. Pelletier

Click here for more pics that are clearer and from different angles. Compliments of Zwickeriffic

Do they make those with Prescription lenses?

Haha, I really can’t make any fun of this, I used to drive around in a mascot outfit just to see peoples reactions. Maybe she is just breaking them in for next ski season. anywho, nice pic “The Butscher” @pointshootenjoy!

Can You Say… Neon Camouflage?

Can You Say… Neon Camouflage?, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

The most Oxymoronic case of Fashion and Bench placement ever. – Photo: Clif Watson.

Poor Penny Carson – Intersection Puppeteer!

So apparently this Gentleman known as “Poor Penny Carson” and his puppeteer have been traveling Florida trying to spread the word that Ronald Reagan is in fact the Beast known as #666. This might be one of the most elaborate “Intersection Infomercial Entertainers” I have ever seen. Life size Puppet in the front, Gigantic Stenciled sign strapped on the back. Get Er Done Penny! Photo: Chris Day (Atlantic & Monument)

::UPDATE:: The “DUMMY” also has a name… SWEET PEA JOHNSON!!! Via (73 Friends) – Also watch more of Penny and Sweet Pea on YouTube

::UPDATE:: Track the location of POOR PENNY CARSON here in the comments below or on @JiffyFeet GPS Twitter Feed!

Watch Your Back Bear Grylls… The Real Wild Man!

Who needs a TV show when you’ve got a bad ass Jean Jacket like this!!! Oh yeah, What’s up with that giant jean label sticking out over the top of the collar? haha. Photo: Nice shot through the gas pumps T.Vreen

Indecent Proposal of the Bike Week Kind

As frequent visitor and photographer of Daytona’s infamous “Bike Week” Im often wowed but never that surprised to see something completely ridiculous, but this letter that was sent to one of my friends from “Boomer” the Boob Judge after seeing her photo in a Times Union article about the “Charity” that she was promoting is out of this world crazy. No words besides the one in this letter can describe the craziness. Personally I like the use of proper grammar followed by anatomy slang, haha. But don’t worry Boomer, we wont show this letter to anyone but the people who use the internet!

Click here to view The TU Article about the Charity

Awhore Matey!!! Wench hooker is on call today?

Trick Or Treat Smell My Feet… The Pirate Hooker is here to sleep! haha. Ok so this submission is straight outta good ole St. Auggy from a new contributor Laney G. and this scalawag is rocky some Jiffy Butt to go along with her Jiffy Feet. There is so much to ponder in this pic… Is she Pregnant? Did She Steal that outfit from a midget tour guide? Is that a Hobo tattoo on her right arm? Is she really even a she? I could go on but Ill leave the rest to you to look and wonder. Photo by: