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No Sugar In Their Tanks!

No Sugar In Their Tanks!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Hmmm … Glad it’s the Watresses and not the Waitresses at this restaurant… cause nobody wants to see that. Photo: @amesploss at Ponce Inlet


YORD SALE – NO EARLY BORDS!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Come to our Yord Sale… Where we sell your items in the past tense!!! Here’s a pickin’ tip, offer them $1 regardless of the sticker price, they won’t know the difference! Photo: Tymn A. – Deep in Ocala Florida!

Hot Boiled P-NTUS…

Hot Boiled P-NTUS… , originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

As if Peanuts needed any more help to sound like penis… This must have been a woman that made this sign because a man would never gets the NUTS wrong! Word has it this sign has been there for over a month, so either they left it cause the sign still works (don’t fix what ain’t broke) or they are truly Lisdexic. I guess the only way to find out is to stop by and try some of them special P-NTUS, and if the shell is on the inside of the pea then we’re the assholes! Photo By: K. Kurycki – Corner of Cesery Blvd. and Columbine Dr.

Divorced Overweight Shrimp 4 Sale!

Callahan Shrimp Co. – Take #2 Translation: Divorced Overweight Shrimp. From this point on we will have to Write it oxyMORON… Nice Pic Jeffrey, thin the herd indeed.

Callahan Shrimp Co. – Take #1- Freash Shrimp

Southern Spellin Bee – We’ll Smoke Yur Butt!

This sign is a Conglomeration Of Design and Legibility Horribleness / Greatness… My Favorite part is the Tree Graphic acting as the “T” in Tree and that it is snuggle inside the quotations so you “Get It”, haha. I also love that they even misspelled the shortening of Your as “Yur” instead of just Ur. And as for the BUTT thing, I understand the smoked pork butt reference but putting the line “We Smoke Yur Butt” right above Kids Eat Free, well… that’s just special! photo Bruce Bruce (the Westside)

Southern Spellin Bee – Freash Shrimp Yall!

If you had to guess which one of these two words would most likely get misspelled, i definitely wouldn’t have picked Fresh! Cause with all the variations on Shrimp (aka, Skrimp, Shremp, Shirmps) You typically get slang thats more than likely done on purpose. But this is def my new fav that Im gonna be using in my vocab, haha. Them Kicks are Freash (Fr-eeee-aa-shh) Boy! I have to give props to jacksonville confidential for uncovering this one first, But my boy Bruce Bruce got a better pic. He was just a little behind sending it.

Southern Spellin Bee – FOR SALE BROWN E99S

Aside from the fact that I have never seen a “g” look like that in my life, somehow you can still make out the sign. I guess maybe we are just so used to gas station signs repurposing numbers for letters that we just get it. But the juxtaposition and sizing of all the lettering and arrows is just baffling , but It does look like smurfs blood. Photo: Bruce Bruce

Slaw Down, Cabbage Head!!!

Great Outdoors

Just incase you don’t speak redneck, this is hastings slang for “Please stop and get you some of this baddass cabbage we got right here!” This sign has been up a while, I just finally stopped and got a good pick of it. Grammar of this caliber certainly doesn’t go unnoticed in the south, In fact it replaces the towns welcome signs in most cases, like this one. Just rememeber things move a little slower down here and thats just how we like it. Get -R -Dun!!!

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