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Crunk Crunk Get It Get It Stop… Pizza Pizza-Time!!!

Our Video of this no-named Street Dancer / Pizza Maker / Sign flipper Guy we’re callin “Lil Seizure” captures his resume 100%. Too bad We stopped filming just before the Moonwalk-to-Backflip Grand Finale. And if you couldn’t tell from the grass less patch of dirt, this guy like it Deep Ditch Style. Just Watch and Enjoy… Filmed by Das Crobar Himself. If you would like to try and catch this guy live he dances up a dirt storm on the north corner of Penman and Atlantic Blvd. CRUNK CRUNK GET IT GET IT PIZZA PIZZA!!!

Jiffy Feet Crew Featured in Void Magazine!


HUSTLE AND FLOW – The Unspoken Etiquette of Garage Sales

It may come as no surprise to some of you that Das Crobar and Myself (Lonnie Lonnington) are quite the avid Garage / Yard Sailors and have been for some time now. In fact, you might say we are some sort of experts on the matters, or at least our buddies over at think so. They wanted to write an article in their magazine about it and lucky for them they knew exactly who to turn to… The one and only Jiffy Feet Crew. Well also lucky for them we plan to write a book one day about the unspoken etiquette behind the so called picking phenomenon that is sweeping the nation and we had already put together a few clif notes on the matters for all you out there who have never sailed the open sea that is a strangers front yard, driveway or garage. So pick up the mag which is available just about anywhere in North Florida and or surf the web on over here and read our Uncut and Unfortunately Unedited Version which is rife with misspellings but funnier than a donkey on roller skates. Oh and by the way, it just also happens to be the swimsuit issue as well so we won’t blame you if you blow right past our article and go straight to that first. – Lonnie

Click here to read our version of HUSTLE AND FLOW – The Unspoken Etiquette of Garage Sales

The Crobar & Bruce Bruce – Jiffy Feet Vice

TMP_2438, originally uploaded by tifmann.

A friend of ours Tiffany Mann took this very “Crocket & Tubbs” Miami Vice esque picture of The Crobar and Bruce Bruce last weekend at the AIGA Jacksonville Summer poster show & it was such a good pic I just thought we would share it with you as a part of this new thing we are gonna try out where we spotlight our correspondents with the highest ranking submissions every month. So Far Bruce Bruce has been killing everyone! Rankings coming soon! – Lonnie Lonnington

America… Fuck Yeah! Happy 4th of July Yall

Happy 4th from the Jiffy Feet Crew

Ok, so three Rednecks and an Asian walk into a bar… haha. Just kiddin Debo! Happy 4th of Jiffy July to everyone out there from the JFC (Jiffy Feet Crew). Have fun, Get wrecked, shoot off some mortars, but most importantly be safe and damn sure don’t drink and drive. If your out near the beach engaging in some shenanigans be careful, the JFC will be out in full effect with camera in hand just waiting to catch you on film for eternity… muwahhh! Happy Birthday America… and for gawd sakes, if you see a member of one of our armed forces out and about, buy em a damn beer and or a lap dance. Were #1!!!. The Ratt.

In appearance from left to right: Bruce Bruce, The Crobar, The Ratt, and Debo