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Mayport Mullet On A Unicycle!

Mayport Mullet On A Unicycle!

You just never know what your gonna see on a sunny day on Mayport rd. This guy was definitely in his happy place. Even tried to show off a little at the end. We added some music to it this time because… well because we can. And it fit perfectly. Mullet + Unicycle + Razor Shades – Shirt – Tooth = Jiffy Feet! This fine American also had a book of some sorts and his cell phone in his hand. Now thats Multi-Tasking right there! Video: J. Grosser

Rocky Top Rimes FeMullet

Rocky Top Rimes FeMullet, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

I think we’ll call this one the “Rocky Top Rhimes” Femullet! Rugged with some Frosted Highlights on the top, Long Smooth & Flowing like a Water Fall of Coors down the back! Tapped & Ready for Rimes!

The look on the girls faces in the background is priceless.

Photo Credit: Daren Criswell

The Peter Cotton Tail Mullet

The Peter Cotton Tail Mullet, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Its White, Fluffy, & Full of Bounce! The Pastel Shirt definitely helps too! photo; Nubbs

Introducing The RED DAWN Mullet

Introducing The RED DAWN Mullet, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Cause this is what your hair looks like after being attacked by 8 WOLVERINES!!! MILITARY in the front, CIVILIAN in the back. Hell it might even be a hair extension from Lea Thompson from what I can tell… Or Swayze? Photo: Lonnie Lonnington (The Woods Community Yardsale)

Community College in front – Bruce Lee in Back

Chris Day/Night’s little cousin Merritt (yes he is a bad influence) snagged this pic while on campus in Ocala. I called it “Bruce Lee in the back” because unlike a full mullet which can be spotted from great distances… The Rat tail will sneak up on you like a ninja from behind and karate chop you in the neck. But lets not forget, it’s still a member of the mullet family.

El Chupacabra Mullet sighting at Lowes

We have a Chupracabra sighting right here in Jacksonville at Lowes! The Chupracabra is such a creature of myth that I spelled it 4 different ways while searching it on google and they didn’t offer any spelling recommendations either time. This thing is a beast folks, It literally looks like he is wearing a head dress of a dead snake or animal like Mola Ram in Indiana Jones, haha. I mean its consistently thick from the top on down while being completely shaved on the sides. Bonus 10 points to Bruce Bruce for the Roofing shirt and nextel. Photo: Bruce Bruce

The Kool-Aid Mullet – It’s Big & It’s Red… Oh Yeah!

And he’s probably full of sugar too! Man this thing is BEAUTIFUL… so pretty. This might be the best kid mullet ever!!! And as a bonus, check out the little kid in the background picking his nose, haha. Thats some serous diggin for gold going on! Major props to The Draplin Design Co. for snagging this pic, you are a record holder in my book sir! The Draplin Design Co. wants to thank the good people of Highway 127 for one hell of a time on the World’s Longest Yard Sale.

Too Tall Tequila Tank Top Hulk Hogan Mullet

One Tequila… Two Tequila… Three Tequila… More!!! If you think 3 shots would take down this Handle Barred Hulk Hogan of a mullet then think again. T-bone says this guy was well on his way to being a 7 Footer. It’s a good thing he didnt catch you taking this pic at a dangerously close proximity. He was close enough to Hulk out of that tank top and pile drive you brother! T-Bone Deserves a Steak for pulling this shot off. 3rd time was a charm. And it was in the Mullets own back yard from gawd sakes. My friends have the best jobs for capturing epic photos like this! Photo: T-Bone (Tampa Area)

The Rattail kid (aka. mini mullet) spotted in Walmart!

Some people like to call them Rattails but lets face it, they are really just mini mullets, cause probably 90% of the time, they had a full on mullet and couldn’t come to grips with cutting it all off so the end result becomes “The Rattail”. Photo: T-Bone (Gainesville Walmart)

The Definition Mullet – Embarrased Kids Included

Well Folks, It don’t get no more textbook than this. Frizzy 10% in the front, Straight to Long & Scurly 90% in the back. Razored off sideburns , Manicured Mustache & Mechanic Logo vented fishing shirt. White Tee underneath. Completely Bummed out Kids Included. Ticket to muscle car show sold separately. Photo: The Ratt