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Fratboy 4 life… Inside Joke FAIL!

We’ve got two options here… Either he has one Ball, & its Black. Or he is referring to the rejection technique of “Black Balling” which is used in elections to membership of a gentleman’s club to ensure that new members were congenial to the old members (aka, fraternities). And judging by the Virginia Tech Sticker, I would bet on the Latter. Even though option one would be way funnier! This Vanity Plate definitely gets you labeled under Douche-Baggery, Mr. BMW! Why didn’t you just get a bumper sticker on the back that says “Me > You”, Inside Joke FAIL. Photo: CDAY

DOG The BOUNTY Hunter? Or Quicker Picker Upper?

Whether this is “Dog The Bounty Hunters” ride or the the biggest fan of the BOUNTY paper-towels ever, It’s still a ridiculous vanity plate! Photo: The Ratt

Laid Rite – We Do More Than Floors!

If it isn’t TIGHT, It wasn’t LAID RITE!!! The "We Do More Than Floors" line makes me feel a little sketch about leaving these dudes at the house alone with your wife… I told Bruce Bruce he just had a dirty mind till I saw that line. inconspicuousness = FAIL

Chalkboard Cars are… TUBULAR!!!

Kidd and I spotted this one leaving Mossfire last friday. I have seen this car before because I recognized the zebra striped quarter panel but I think the Chalkboard paint is the newest edition. I gotta hand it to them, if you car is cosmetically beyond repair, why not turn it into a movie art project? I visited which was the url down the side of the car and I think it’s apparent the owner is an “Artist”. Nice work Muto We Like it! This is one of the few times that a single object has made it into multiple categories at once. Photo: Ratt

Drive for Show… Putt for doh!!!

Drive for Show… Putt for doh!!!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

This one is In honor of this being the week of The Players in PV. They say the first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem… and from the looks of things, this guy is admitting he isn’t doing either, via the license plate & the economic Chevy Malibu. Just tap it in HAPPY!

Self Inflicted Racism – THE J.A.P. SHOP

Ok, So there are a couple of Scenarios here. Seeing how the the driver was in fact Japanese, He either A. has a really funny sense of humor and supports all Foreign made cars. B. Someone else has applied this tag frame to his car and he doesn’t know it. Or C. Much like mullets, he doesn’t know he is a J.A.P. himself. Slang Translation = FAIL Photo: Cdiddy aka Chris Night

PU T8NG License Plate

PU T8NG, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Got this one down at the Spring Turkey Rod Run in Daytona Beach. Full photo set coming soon. Photo: TheRatt

RDN3K License Plate

Spotted This Gem In Atlantic Beach. Nothing says redneck like a Competition Orange Saturn SUV with a Dragon License plate frame.

Try to catch me RYD’N Curly!

The Automobile Files

Commentary by The Ratt and Crobar

They See me rollin…, they hatin…, I took my curlers out and they tryin to catch me Ridin Curly! This takes the term O.G. to new heights…Original Granny! This old Bat ain’t even playin with the top down, screaming out. I first saw the plate and then was like oh my, thats a granny beind the wheel of a convertable mustang witha vanity plate. I guess it’s never to late to go fast. I bet she makes all the guys at the VA’s pacemakers skip a beat. And she got the Blue Blockers on! Go head with your bad self granny!

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Hair Stylist or Hairless?…You Decide.

The Automobile Files

Ok, when I first took this photo, I thought it was maybe someone who is a hairstylist, but then after taking the spelling literally, this could be a bald person? Chances are it’s a hairstylist cause I don’t think theres that many bald people out there who are that proud of it, but then again… This is a prime example of how you have to be carefull of what your trying to say when your cramming a statement into 7 letters or less on a license plate!!! On second thought, lets hope this person isn’t hairless cause if your bald and driving a chevy caliber, Luck is not on your side!

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