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Jo Loves Them Blizzards!


JO4DQ Haha, I want to think that this is just a coincidence but something just tells me it’s not! Photo: Bruce Bruce

Tag You’re It – Here’s Your Ticket.

Now what’s that age old saying…”The Road To Traffic Court is Paved with Good Intentions”? Sorry Guy, The Torn Cardboard Sign doesn’t always work. Even the homeless have better creative writing than that. Photo: G. Willis


Must be a SCREWED-DRIVER!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Cause with a license plate like this you ain’t getting no sympathy on the road. I wonder how many times this thing has gotten key’d? I really would love to hear the story behind this cause unless they lost a bet or own a Hardware store, I can’t think of one good reason to inflict this kinda hassle on yourself. Photo: Danimal Down in Georgia

EMAIL – Tech/Geek Vanity Liscence Plate FAIL

This has got to be the worst attempt at a Tech liscence plate ever! Why not just get Modem, haha. I love that it’s on a NASA plate! Photo: The Ratt

MEN of Vanity… License Plate’s That is!

Can I get a loan Mr. CASHMAN?, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Can I get a loan Mr. CASHMAN?
That License plate is one sure fire way to get your truck broke into don’t you think? ps. I think someone stole your NRA sticker from the right side of the window, haha.

GRA5 MAN or HARD AWN? Whats Better?
So what, GRA55 MAN was taken? Lucky for this guy he has a giant Lawn Service Sign right next to it. I mean Im all about creative ways to say stuff in 7 letters or less but this is pushing it. I think since you gotta leave out a letter, HARD AWN (missing L) would have been a better play and a whole lot funnier!

Both photos by: Badday81/Chris Day/Chris Night

Learn how 2 shoot yourself without a GUN! RELOAD 1

If the Government is gonna take our Bullets, then by gawd we’ll make our own! This can’t be a good Idea. I thought this maybe was a legit company offering classes till I got up next to the van only to realize that the graphics on the side were selling wood floor installations. Judging by the “RELOAD 1″ tag, I think we know where this guys heart really lies! Photo: The Ratt

C-DEEEZ (BRASS NUTS) Swangin Low In Texas!

I have to admit, this is a pretty clever way to use the controversial tailgate swinging chrome nuts! Everything is bigger in Texas I guess, haha. Photo: Bruce Bruce

DIVAS for JESUS – Watch Your Back Beyonce

Top Down on the Gold Chrysler Seabring, Jesus Fish, Leopard Dice, And a “IM1DIVA” vanity license plate. Beyonce better watch her back!!! Photo Bruce Bruce

Your Bush BMW BJ = Inconspicuousness FAIL

Cmon’ “Bea Jay”, Maybe if you were an old lady driving an Cadillac Eldo you could get away with that license plate, but that BMW is totally “blowing” your cover. Nice one though. If I ever had to pick a job working for the government, It would definitely be in the vanity plate department. Photo The Ratt

First Coast Scoopers – The Poop One

The funny thing is I didn’t even see the license plate till after about the 4th mile behind him trying to decide whether or not I should take a pic. But that “POOP ONE” Vanity plate sealed the deal. Its amazing to me that someone could have so much dog poop that they need to hire someone to clean it up but hey, I guess with the tag line “Were #1 in the #2 Business” you cant go wrong. Photo The Ratt