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Daytona Bike Week 2010 Slideshow Recap!

Here’s the photo recap slideshow from the 2010 Bike Week! You can also view the pics along with the comments on the Jiffy Feet Flickr here. Thanks to everyone who attended. We made it out another alive!

Indecent Proposal of the Bike Week Kind

As frequent visitor and photographer of Daytona’s infamous “Bike Week” Im often wowed but never that surprised to see something completely ridiculous, but this letter that was sent to one of my friends from “Boomer” the Boob Judge after seeing her photo in a Times Union article about the “Charity” that she was promoting is out of this world crazy. No words besides the one in this letter can describe the craziness. Personally I like the use of proper grammar followed by anatomy slang, haha. But don’t worry Boomer, we wont show this letter to anyone but the people who use the internet!

Click here to view The TU Article about the Charity

85 pics from Daytona Bike Week 2007

Bike Week Daytona 2007

Well, I know were late. Way late in fact. But there were so many good photos from Bike Week this year that I couldn’t cut out as many as I usually do. So even though this took a long long time to post, the wait will totally be worth it. We only went one day this year, and it was the last day, and we got more pics than ever before. So this should tell you how good next year will be. So sit back and Enjoy 85 of the craziest pics you ever seen from the birthplace of “Jiffy Feet”. We risked life and limb to bring you these, so remember…We Couldn’t make this stuff up!

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Jiffy feet

45 Bike Week Pics – Daytona2006

I smoke Rocks Joe Rogan!

Twice a Year, The Jiiffy Feet Crew Travels down to Daytona Beach Florida to track down the most random, outta control, weird, and just plane stupid pics we can find!. Here is what we stumbled across on Round One!!!

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