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M.I.L.F. stands for “Moms in Leg Fight!”

Talk about setting a good example for you kids??? It’s one thing for fathers to fight at football games, when you mix sports, testosterone, and your kids… It happens. And that’s not just a redneck thing, but now that mom’s with handi-cams are getting in on the action, it’s only gonna get more interesting! Sign #59 up for the Cowboy’s special teams! That was a textbook Swiff Kick to the butt! If we could hear the audio better, I bet she said “That’s for missing my tupperware party last week, Sheryl!” WOW! Props to whoever edited this slow-mo footage at the end.

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Southern Rock BBQ and Dance Off!

Rockin BBQ

“Valient Thorr walked on stage and looked out at a packed house. You could feel the energy in the room even before Valient Himself said a word. Once he did it was something like, “Put your arm up like you gots a rocket launcher on your shoulder”. The guy has a way with words ’cause the entire crowd was sporting invisible rocket launchers as they started to rip into the first song. The Southern Rock BBQ is here to stay”-Daktal!.

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The Dukes Worldwide!!!

The Punch and Run! – Palatka PTO Meeting

Have you ever heard the expression “Im Gonna Sock You In the Face”? Well this is the definition of that. Apparently this was at a PTO Meeting and the older lady on the left is trying to explain that the younger girl had “THC” in her system. What you see next is a common characteristic of the “White Trash Woman”. If you can’t resolve the matter through words, Punch ad Run! they bolted outta there like the rehearsed it!!!! And the lady who got punched was so oblivious to what was happening she didn’t even see the lady moving in! Look back and you’ll notice that the woman actually uses the concrete pillar for leverge as she socked her in the face!

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