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Crunk Crunk Get It Get It Stop… Pizza Pizza-Time!!!

Our Video of this no-named Street Dancer / Pizza Maker / Sign flipper Guy we’re callin “Lil Seizure” captures his resume 100%. Too bad We stopped filming just before the Moonwalk-to-Backflip Grand Finale. And if you couldn’t tell from the grass less patch of dirt, this guy like it Deep Ditch Style. Just Watch and Enjoy… Filmed by Das Crobar Himself. If you would like to try and catch this guy live he dances up a dirt storm on the north corner of Penman and Atlantic Blvd. CRUNK CRUNK GET IT GET IT PIZZA PIZZA!!!

Mayport Mullet On A Unicycle!

Mayport Mullet On A Unicycle!

You just never know what your gonna see on a sunny day on Mayport rd. This guy was definitely in his happy place. Even tried to show off a little at the end. We added some music to it this time because… well because we can. And it fit perfectly. Mullet + Unicycle + Razor Shades – Shirt – Tooth = Jiffy Feet! This fine American also had a book of some sorts and his cell phone in his hand. Now thats Multi-Tasking right there! Video: J. Grosser

Worst Pickup Attempt Ever. You Like Rass-Ling?

This might be the first time a grown ass man ever tried to pick up on some women by asking “You Like Rass-Ling? WRA World Rass-Ling Association?” If that’s Stone Cold Steve Austin, my ass is a typewriter.

Nice Try Lonnie. Thanks to @katiekurycki & @cmykaren for this awesome video!

THE FALL – Push 2 Gallery Jacksonville

Gawd!, There is so much that is funny about this video I don’t even know where to start. I actually witnessed this live at the “Push 2″ gallery in downtown jax. You can also see this video in quicktime here so you can slo-mo it and play it back at your own speed. Well let’s first of all state that people will always find ways to make fools of themselves even in high society settings. This Lady, with beer and whatever the hell else all that other shit was, in hand sees a prime opportunity to get on camera. I guess maybe she thought it was the news? Then in her attemp, she forgot to make the back up “Beep Beep” noise as she decided to change direction in the middle of traffic which causes a rear end collision with the poor guy behind her who, if you watch, follows her all the way down with the “Im going to make it look like I tried to catch you but not really” effort. Then notice as she stumbles backward, her head literally comes within centimeters of catching the corner of that frame and the whole way down during that single instance of panic her mind goes into save the beer mode. she held that beer upright the whole way down risking life and limb until the very end when she decides to dump it all over herself. And notice the guy on the right of the screen, she spills some beer on him and before she even hits the ground he has a hankerchief out cleaning off his Lee Dungarees! Who the hell carries a hankerchief around at that age? Then to end it, she says “I hope you got that on tape”. How could he not have? She damn near broke her neck trying to get in the frame. And now it’s on here for the whole world too see! Enjoy!

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Why did the German Cut a Mullet?

So he could Rock out like This! This guy is Pop-N-Lock-N with the “Hand brake” in full effect. Now I know it’s hard to see, but the Vokuhila says this dude had his eyelids tattooed, along with a handlebar mustache and flaming gay persona. We got to give huge points out to the Vokuhila for not only photo proof but video evidence as well. You have now reached Black Foot status my friend! Well done. Enjoy the Video!

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Cardboardicon “The Boom Box” Transformer

Like many posts on this site, there many things that words just can’t describe, but this time we are gonna give it our best!!! We should have seen it coming, but now it’s to late, Carboardicon (The Transformer that changes from a mini fridge box to a mini fridge box with arm holes and a boombox) is here to dance his ass off! And yes folks, that is the Transformers theme song he is dancing to. I was gonna lay the audio over the video for you but I wanted you to see it in it’s rawest form. Bruce Bruce was laughing so hard when he called, it sounded like the weasing noise you would hear if someone popped a hole in a hot air balloon. Just take notice to the complex tape harnes he has used to hold the speakers from the boom to his head. He is top heavy as hell. There is a small part of me that wants to see someone just body check him in that thing…ok so its a big part! watch the Video, Listen to the commentary, and have a happy 4th of Jiffy July!!!

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Who is this Guy…Mr. Jax???

Does anyone know who this guy is? He is everywhere in jax. We saw him at The Players Championship wearing an all pink Payne Stewart outfit…knickers,socks, and all and we offered him a beer and just kept drinking and hanging out with him which eventually led to placing bets
with old men on 17 to see who would hit it in the water, but never got his name. Then i saw him at the 311/Matisyahu concert dressed up like Matisyahu? I say we call him Mr. Jax because he is everywhere and is fully involved and causing a ruckus. He is very easy to recognize because he is kinda short and his beard makes him look like he was in 300. If anyone knows him, let us know!!!

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Leprechaun Sighting in BAMA!!!

Just watch this video and make sure your not drinkin or eat in when you see the amature sketch of the leprechaun!!! But Hey, Could be a crackhead on the wrong stuff? Who Knows… Happy St. Patties day from the JFC!

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Cars + Train Horns = Pooped Pants

I stopped at the store to get a drink today around lunch time, and right as I was walking in the door, some guy in a mercedes blew his “152 decible train horn” and everyone hit the deck! It was so damn loud my ears rang for like 30 minutes. It seriously felt like I was standing on train tracks. It was the loudest horn I ever heard! So I called “Bruce Bruce” to get the details on this and he informed me that was a big thing going on right now in the “Neck” comminty and that one of his buddies had one and how much fun it is. He than told me there was some videos floating round the net, so I found one for you to see. The Video does no justice to how loud it actually is but you can tell by how startled all these people are! So keep an ear out cause ya might get blasted! oh and this video is shot in and around jax from the looks of it. Revised: Ok so I checked out the website and these guys are from Jax and there is a whole group of them. There are six videos on the site and from the looks of it, nobody is safe. They hit the horn on old people, people on crutches, animals, police officers and children. And i just found out that the person who blew the horn on me today knew me and was probably honking it at me. There can’t be that many people with train horns on there mercedes in mayport! So if your reading this, you know who you are, Thanks for opening my eyes to this entertaining new sport!

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Even the News Ain’t safe in Jax Beach anymore!

I was Singing Bitch… Put That on your news Asshole…FREEBIRD!!! That’s what you get Adam, when give a woman who is trying to audition for backup vocals for Skynyrd via the news, an elbow shove to the throat. Don’t you know that redneck women carry huge bags/purses with tons of random heavy shit in them just for occasions such as this. A good reporter knows his commuity, and you definetly should have seen that comin.

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