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Faux Zebrea Bikini Type Tee

faux Zebrea Bikini T-shirt, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

I genuinely have no Idea what is going on with this outfit… I mean it appears to be some sort of Type Tee referring to relaxing but then printed on top are some what appears to be fake zebra stripped bikini tops that are un hooked… Congratulations Lady, you have officially stumped the Jiffy Feet Crew with this Outfit! If anyone thinks they know, Please hit us up! Photo: The Ratt

No Muff Too Tuff for the Lone Wolf!

No Muff Too Tuff!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Yes that thing is… correction, was real. feet, eyeballs and all. At least he had the respect to shade the eyes! The Lone Wolf Mo Club says No Muff Too Tuff. It puts the lotion on the furrr!!!

F.A.R.M. CLUB INC = Zero Pimpin Allowed.

Fathers Against Rap Music = Zero Pimpin. This shirt is effin ridiculous. Not just for that ridiculous graphic but for all Acronym’s and extensions. I mean cmon’, INC.? really, your incorporated, haha. Photo The Ratt

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Ice Cream Man From Hell – The Devils Dairy

Pic #1 – So Freakin Hot it’s cold, The Devils Dairy is the best. Pic #2 – Flames from my head to my toes! But why eyeballs near the ass? Pic #2 – I love the 3d hat on the cutout. Pic #4 – Yes, he was carrying Dry Ice in his pillow cases with the pillow in there. Photo The Ratt. See More from BIKETOBERFEST 2008!

The Husky Davidson Express.. Mobile Stud Service

The Stud Service Express, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Who in their right mind would take a freakin Husky out in the heat of Florida to parade him around in a “Trailer Cage” to solicit his STUD Service… This is like a messed up k9 version of TAKEN. The “Puppies 4 Sale Stud Service” license plate on the side is hilarious though with the “Foaming at the mouth” rottweiler on there. Nice Tassels too Guy! photo: The Ratt

34 Biketoberfest 2008 Photos – The Awful House!

Welcome to the Awful house!

Well, better late than never I always say… haha. I finally got around to posting the pics we took from BIKETOBERFEST last year. You can now check out all 34 of them in all their glory in our flickr Photo Set. This set has got it all mang, The Fathers Against Rap Music Shirt | The Mobile Stud Service | The Second Worst Tattoo Ever | The Ice Cream Man From Hell | No Muff Too Tuff | The Crotch Rocket Duelly | a Trough of Delicious Eats and much much more, Enjoy!!!


60 Biktoberfest Pics from Daytona – 2006

Biketoberfest 2006

Round Two is here finally, and although we thought we were gonna have less pics than last time simply because biketoberfest is a much smaller gathering than Bikeweek but we were wrong. We were there for less time and got nearly twice as many pics so that either means were gettin better at taking pics or the crowd of randoms is getting better! which means much more to come!!! Enjoy the pics!.

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