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I don’t know what kind of baby deer these people have been hitting up north but down here the south, our deer would murder that Dodge Neon. – Photo J. Davis

Side Car Sammy & The Chocolate Chariot

Side Car Sammy & The Dog Chariot, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Side Car Sammy & The Dog Chariot, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

I’ve been trying to get video or a photo of these guys for years. The previous setup was much more “Roman Chariot” like in that the dog’s only option was to sit up so when they took curves he would lean with it which was awesome. But now Sir Sammy has a much more Cadillac Style Sidecar which looks much more comfortable. How awesome is this. I’m a cat person my self but seeing this makes me want a dog and a scooter. God Speed Fella’s… God Speed! (I’m not sure what the dog’s actually name is but if he has a middle name I bet its spelled A-W-E-S-O-M-E) Photo: Lonnie AB

They See Me Hoardin’… They Hatin’…

if you were wondering just how much stuff is in that car, look how low the back end is sitting in that bottom picture! Photo: The Crobar – Jacksonville

Part Time Wife / Full Time Mom Needed!

I don’t know about yall, but this is the funniest thing I’ve seen since these stickers have come into existence. If I had to guess, i would say things didn’t end so well or Daddy just has a real sense of humor… Or both. Props to Dan from W/S for catching this pic in Augusta GA!

Toyota TurtleCel – Piano Trucker Edition!

So when Meredith sent this pick in fresh from Beach Blvd traffic last week, I thought wow thats a 4×4 Toyota Tercel… I guess it’s fitting that it has 4×4 because it looks and moves like a freaking turtle! Then I noticed the crazy Snorkel Exhaust welded onto the drivers side and though man, i guess this thing really does do some serious off roaring! Not to mention there are sticks stuck all over it. Then the real magic of this pic caught my eye! That lonely sticker in the back window reads "PLEASE DON’T TELL MY FOLKS I’M A TRUCKER… THEY THINK I’M A PIANO PLAYER IN A WHOREHOUSE"!!! Wow. Where do you even get a bumper sticker like that? Probably in a Whorehouse I guess. Triple Points on this pic for you Meredith, The Goodies in this pic just keep on going! – Photo: Meredith F. Beach Blvd Jacksonville.

The “Mad Tex” Mobile… Rust Or Bust!

Allison, a Jacksonville native transplanted in Houston, TX. saw this on her way home from work where I45 joins the 610 loop last week. She said “I couldn’t get close-ups a la cousin Duddy. Mostly because I am horrible at multi-tasking while driving. In the interest of public safety I decided to sacrifice picture quality. I think what makes it is the exoskeleton-like roll cage and the spare tire which looks like it was meant for a lifted truck. Also, I was expecting the driver to be young and hippie dippy but he was actually a grandpa in a fisherman’s hat much in the vain of Grumpy Old Men.” Way to go Allison, this rusted “Hunk-O-Fun” has all the “Right Signs” to be featured on Jiffy Feet.

Mayport American Made!

Mayport American Made!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Just imagine seeing this guy go by on the street to the soundtrack of “I am a real American” from hulk hogans wrestling days! This Double Decker bike takes cake not only because of all the American Flag flare (5 Count) but for shear imagination. The boogie board doubles as a luggage rack and surf rider when parked at the beach. The two backpacks that are used for storage and as some kind of weight pulley system to hold down the boogie board. The front basket with extra American flag pouch and hell yeah, if you approaching 50 and riding a double decker bike through Mayport… you gotta ride shirt open in the front to catch a breeze during the summer heat. and he had an ipod of some kind. I bet it was playing “back in the high life again” by Steve winnowed – Photo Lonnie, Mayport Rd.

Jets are Hot… Drugs are Not!

Jets are Hot… Drugs are Not!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

This is the bus you get take to school if you live on International Speedway Drive in Daytona! Wake Up Late & get to school early. Something tells me the Ghost of Dale #3 is driving this thing! Remember Kids… Jets are Hot, Drugs are Not! Photo: Lonnie Daytona Beach I-95

This Kia Runs On Dunkins!


This guy must be the Mayor of Munchkin land because that is the smallest spare/donut I’ve ever seen. Honestly, it just looks like an awesome way to cover up a big dent, haha. But hey, you never know when you might need an emergency spare pneumatic wheel barrow tire. This guy might save some landscapers job one day! Photo: The Crobar

The Jeep Morrison 4×4


These Guys must be the biggest Jim Morrison fans ever because they definitely Broke on through to the other side! What can I say… People are Strange! I know one thing, when they are riding through the storm they are gonna be wishing they had THE DOORS! Photo: Lonnie