Cardboardicon “The Boom Box” Transformer

Like many posts on this site, there many things that words just can’t describe, but this time we are gonna give it our best!!! We should have seen it coming, but now it’s to late, Carboardicon (The Transformer that changes from a mini fridge box to a mini fridge box with arm holes and a boombox) is here to dance his ass off! And yes folks, that is the Transformers theme song he is dancing to. I was gonna lay the audio over the video for you but I wanted you to see it in it’s rawest form. Bruce Bruce was laughing so hard when he called, it sounded like the weasing noise you would hear if someone popped a hole in a hot air balloon. Just take notice to the complex tape harnes he has used to hold the speakers from the boom to his head. He is top heavy as hell. There is a small part of me that wants to see someone just body check him in that thing…ok so its a big part! watch the Video, Listen to the commentary, and have a happy 4th of Jiffy July!!!

Jiffy feet

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