America… Fuck Yeah! Happy 4th of July Yall

Happy 4th from the Jiffy Feet Crew

Ok, so three Rednecks and an Asian walk into a bar… haha. Just kiddin Debo! Happy 4th of Jiffy July to everyone out there from the JFC (Jiffy Feet Crew). Have fun, Get wrecked, shoot off some mortars, but most importantly be safe and damn sure don’t drink and drive. If your out near the beach engaging in some shenanigans be careful, the JFC will be out in full effect with camera in hand just waiting to catch you on film for eternity… muwahhh! Happy Birthday America… and for gawd sakes, if you see a member of one of our armed forces out and about, buy em a damn beer and or a lap dance. Were #1!!!. The Ratt.

In appearance from left to right: Bruce Bruce, The Crobar, The Ratt, and Debo

2 Comments on "America… Fuck Yeah! Happy 4th of July Yall"

  1. Varick says:

    THAT is boy band material

  2. Grease says:

    …just blew at least 5oz. of diet coke through my nose… quality post, sir.

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