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So What Is Jiffy Feet?

Well in short, for those of you who don’t know, The term “Jiffy Feet” is southern slang for the act of going to the Jiffy Store (or any convenience store/corner store) without any shoes on because you were too lazy to put them on or because you just don’t care. So the act of having dirty feet from walking around on the cold nasty linoleum floor of the store is known as this. However, Our site is not all about photos of people in the jiffy store with their bare feet, but really about capturing the lifestyle of people who would typically be caught up in this act on a daily basis. i.e., if your crazy enough to go to the store barefooted, your probably the same person who would grow a nasty mullet and turn the broken down car in your front lawn into a playground for your kids. For a longer explanation of the term and its origins, see our Definition Page

Getting it done Since 2004 (but really a lot longer)
My friends and I have been cataloging photos of these events, places, people, and things for many many years now, and have finally found an outlet to share it with the world. Most of the photos are pics we have been taking on a current day to day basis, but when the Jiffy is slow, we’re not afraid to pull a good one out of the vault.

The Jiffy Feet Crew

Lonnie Lonnington
The Ratt
The Crobar
Bruce Bruce
The Vokuhila
The Butscher
Billy Jack Williams
Chris Knight