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Toyota Fanboy 4 Life!!!

Toyota Fanboy 4 Life!!!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Yes, those are vinyl letters. Photo: The Ratt

RE8OL Tom with a Fish Pond Dot Com!

You know I love me some Homemade Dot Com stickers on the back of cars, but we have got the hat trick with this one folks! Randomly placed multi subject stickers on the back of a mini van with a sheriff’s vanity plate that says “RE8OL” on it for the win! Take a minute and visit for all your Fish Ponds, Fountain & Statuary needs… its lovely. (Make sure the volume is on and remember to vote for King Thomas!) Photo: The Ratt

The Buck Truck – John Deere FAIL

So I’ve seen the Fuzzy Rudolph Antlers like this around Christmas time, but these are serious and were on both sides. The only thing he was missing was a white tail on the Tailgate. Who needs camouflage when you got these? John Deere definitely missed the boat on this one… pfffttt. photo: The Ratt

Real Cougars Drive Saturns… NOT!

A. He/She was parked in the handicapped spot at Chick-Fil-A

B. The Random Ass Cougar Sticker Doesn’t hold a candle to that Awful shirt.

C. Can a “Pat” technically consider themselves a Cougar?

Photo: The Ratt

The Most Dusty Plymouth Duster EVER!!!

As I was walking past this car coming out of the ABC, I was like damn that car is dusty, but then I noticed it was a Plymouth Duster and I definitely could walk away from that kind of irony without a pic! Let me inform you that this cars original color is “white”. Not Yellow, Dingy, or Primer Gray but White. I don’t think this car has ever been washed or seen even a sprinkle of water… ever. I mean paint doesn’t just fall off the metal like that. And judging by the lady who got in the car and almost busted me taking a pic, I don’t think she has either. I bet if you open that gas tank door a Mountain of dirt would fall out! Photo: The Ratt

Pre Halloween Pumpkin Trunk Explosion!!!

Halloween is Right around the corner, and if there is a so called “Pumpkin Shortage” I think we better start the interrogations with this guy. I love how its coming out of the old keyhole. I was dying to know if the whole trunk was filled or just the edges. If full, It could make for a fun Hay Ride! Go Gators! Photo: The Ratt

Save The Wolves – They Didn’t have to do that!

I love open statement license plates like this… no website, no foundation, no organization, Just SAVE THE WOLVES dammit! I wonder if they had this custom made or if they got it from one of those cheap vanity plate stands in the mall? Either way it’s awesome and It totally reminds me of this scene from STEP BROTHERS “The pup is unnamed, you cant put a name on the innocence of that face” photo: The Ratt

Best Yard Sale Sign Ever!

Best Yard Sale Sign Ever!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

While yard sailing this morning at the community sale in the woods, we spotted this sign which might be one of the most creative / enticing signs I have ever seen, however it was just a dissapointing Yard sale. Photo: Theratt & Crobar

The Red Rocket – Riverside Escort Wagon

We can always count on the Riverside Publix Parking lot for some good Jiffy Pics on any given day. On my way to get lunch I saw this car hood and thought it was just some bad artwork of a kid spray painted on the hood but then after I walked past I notice the “Spermies” on the side and I thought, Maybe I’ll take a another look at that hood and sure enough, It’s not a kid but a Weener with a face and arms… aka The Red Rocket! From the looks of things, I et someone vandalized this car and the owner tried to paint over it with red paint and added arms and a face to disguise it but as you can see… it didn’t work. Or at least lets hope no one would draw this on their own car, but then again, It is a Ford Escort Wagon! Photo: The Ratt

Schizophrenic The Clown – Funny Bunny or Silly Dilly

Apparently he needs more than just a clown car to fit all his personalities in, he needs a clown mini-van! You never know who is gonna show up at your kids party… haha. For you and your child’s sake, lets just hope its not SILLY DILLY, that might be the most scary clown name ever!!! photo: The Ratt