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XMAS Lawn Pornaments – Deer Style!

ATTENTION ALL CHRISTMAS LAWN DECORATORS: The new trend that is putting the X in XMAS and sweeping the south is here, Lawn Pornaments! Hide yo wife, hide yo Kids, Hide yo Deer, cause they Prankin everybody out here! No word yet on wether or not these were the animated kind but that would have been awesome. Consider yourself WARNED! You could wake up Christmas Morning to find one of your deer-corations gone and the other a victim of a One Night Stag. Photo: A. Edgecomb

Poor Penny Carson – Intersection Puppeteer!

So apparently this Gentleman known as “Poor Penny Carson” and his puppeteer have been traveling Florida trying to spread the word that Ronald Reagan is in fact the Beast known as #666. This might be one of the most elaborate “Intersection Infomercial Entertainers” I have ever seen. Life size Puppet in the front, Gigantic Stenciled sign strapped on the back. Get Er Done Penny! Photo: Chris Day (Atlantic & Monument)

::UPDATE:: The “DUMMY” also has a name… SWEET PEA JOHNSON!!! Via (73 Friends) – Also watch more of Penny and Sweet Pea on YouTube

::UPDATE:: Track the location of POOR PENNY CARSON here in the comments below or on @JiffyFeet GPS Twitter Feed!

The Buck Truck – John Deere FAIL

So I’ve seen the Fuzzy Rudolph Antlers like this around Christmas time, but these are serious and were on both sides. The only thing he was missing was a white tail on the Tailgate. Who needs camouflage when you got these? John Deere definitely missed the boat on this one… pfffttt. photo: The Ratt

JTA BUS hittin’ switches straight out the station!

Check out this JTA bus straight hittin’ switches coming out of the bus station on State street this morning! Hold on to your coffee folks. This thing looks like it seriously bough to tip over. I guess the air ride went out on the right side, but what’s scary is that it is leaving the station like this… haha. Hydraulics Ugh! Photo: Chris Day

Living the Krispy Kreme Dream – Guess How Many?

How many Krispy Kreme Donuts does it take to fill up the bed of a Ford Ranger? Well from our calculations… about 2000. (8 rows of 5 x 4 deep x a dozen) haha So Random yet so tempting.
Photo: Sir Christopher Knight

Community College in front – Bruce Lee in Back

Chris Day/Night’s little cousin Merritt (yes he is a bad influence) snagged this pic while on campus in Ocala. I called it “Bruce Lee in the back” because unlike a full mullet which can be spotted from great distances… The Rat tail will sneak up on you like a ninja from behind and karate chop you in the neck. But lets not forget, it’s still a member of the mullet family.

MEN of Vanity… License Plate’s That is!

Can I get a loan Mr. CASHMAN?, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Can I get a loan Mr. CASHMAN?
That License plate is one sure fire way to get your truck broke into don’t you think? ps. I think someone stole your NRA sticker from the right side of the window, haha.

GRA5 MAN or HARD AWN? Whats Better?
So what, GRA55 MAN was taken? Lucky for this guy he has a giant Lawn Service Sign right next to it. I mean Im all about creative ways to say stuff in 7 letters or less but this is pushing it. I think since you gotta leave out a letter, HARD AWN (missing L) would have been a better play and a whole lot funnier!

Both photos by: Badday81/Chris Day/Chris Night

Anyone speak Witch, Wizard, Medieval, or WOW?

So @badday81 spotted this “Somedays The Dragon Wins” bumper sticker on the back of this KIA last week, and we can’t seem to lock down exactly what It means. If I had to guess, i would say it is “Medieval” for “some days are better than others” or “you win some lose some” but I can’t be sure. so if anyone out there knows or can speculate to what this means, please leave a comment. Until then lets just all point and laugh. Photo: Chris Knight

Epic Chewbacca Tattoo – Gwaaaahhhh

Epic Chewbacca Tattoo -Gwaaaahhhh, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Spotted this bad boy with Chris Knight on Memorial Day… Pretty Awesome. Still Doesn’t beat my Giant Chewbacca Pez! Photo: The Ratt

Self Inflicted Racism – THE J.A.P. SHOP

Ok, So there are a couple of Scenarios here. Seeing how the the driver was in fact Japanese, He either A. has a really funny sense of humor and supports all Foreign made cars. B. Someone else has applied this tag frame to his car and he doesn’t know it. Or C. Much like mullets, he doesn’t know he is a J.A.P. himself. Slang Translation = FAIL Photo: Cdiddy aka Chris Night