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Scissors of Anarchy!

Why carry just one blade when you can have two that will cut, clip, and slice yo ear off!!! Guess you can never be two prepared these days… you never know when a real life Rock, Paper, Scissors fight might break out in a Bar or Crafts-n-more haha. Chop Chop!!! Photo: Bruce Bruce – Buckman Bridge Jacksonville

How Much Dew Can You Do?

How Much Dew Can You Do?, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Uhh Gimme That Mountain Dew I Ain’t Playin Which You, Gimme My Mountain Dew! This might be the most EXTREME post we have ever had! I mean seriously, how much Mountain Dew can one consume? haha. And to top it off they are TALL CANS! If you have never heard of MOUNTAIN DEW MOUTH just search it on the interweb but make sure your not about to eat anything, haha. Oh there is also a rap song. Listen Here – Photo: Bruce Bruce!

Jo Loves Them Blizzards!


JO4DQ Haha, I want to think that this is just a coincidence but something just tells me it’s not! Photo: Bruce Bruce

The Purple PimpTempo Wheeler

The Purple PimpTempo Wheeler

The Purple PimpTempo Wheeler, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

One Bike, One Car, Purple Painted PimpTempo Wheeler… Everybody Sing! This thing stopped Bruce Bruce Dead in his tracks. Who in their right might would Frankenstein a chopper style motorcycle with a Ford Tempo GL? And then paint it Purple. wow. I love how its the full back end of a car but it still has the tiny motorcycle license plate. Even though the genius of the idea behind this escapes, I have to say its extremely well done. The merge of the Front & Back end of that Tempo is Flawless. Nicely Done Sir, Whoever you are. Photo: Bruce Bruce (Leesburg Area)

I’LL BE BACK – The TRBON8R Bug Returns!

Hey Arnold… Punch Bug! Haha. You can’t read it in this pic, but the caption on the back window said “When Gas Is Cheaper” . Terminating in one of these just won’t do. Photo: Bruce Bruce

Where Manhood Ends & Marriage Begins

I would also like to mention that I think they forgot to add the “No Outlet” sign and maybe the “Dead End” one as well. We will have to check back in a couple of years and see if they add a “Deaf Husband Area” sign too. Ok im done. Photo: Bruce Bruce (somewhere of Normandy Blvd)

Trolling Butt Naked!!!

Trolling Butt Naked!!!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

They say it’s not the size of the BAIT you use, but how you WIGGLE it! However Im not so sure that saying applies when your a Human Sized Troll Doll standing knee deep in the water. After seeing this Sweet Airbrush Graphic, I’ll never look at another Trolling Motor the same. Photo: Bruce Bruce

BIKE MOVERS – We Handlebar Your Boxes with Care!

There’s not much I can say about this pic that it doesn’t say for itself. Or maybe I should say doesn’t see cause there ain’t no way he can see where he is going over that giant stack of boxes. How has those two tires not blown out yet? Huffy ain’t that strong. But the biggest question of all is… how did he get all that loaded up and get himself up on the bike? Someone had to have helped him, and whoever that person is, you get an F for friendship for letting him roll out like that but you get an A+ from us! Photo: Bruce Bruce

Chevy with a Levy – Live Fish Tank Back Window!

Forget ballin out with tv’s in the headrest… this guy just beat everyone with a live fish tank in the back window of his Chevy S-10 truck, Scuba Diver, Coral and all. I love that he has neon lights in there so you can see it at night. This one is up there, big points. – Photo: Bruce Bruce.

Jo Jo The “High Top Camper” Tree Man

And his pretty new pet… I mean Tree (Tommy boy). Nice Custom Topper Jo Jo, Stack Em Three High & Get Er Done. Photo: Bruce Bruce