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Too Tall Tequila Tank Top Hulk Hogan Mullet

One Tequila… Two Tequila… Three Tequila… More!!! If you think 3 shots would take down this Handle Barred Hulk Hogan of a mullet then think again. T-bone says this guy was well on his way to being a 7 Footer. It’s a good thing he didnt catch you taking this pic at a dangerously close proximity. He was close enough to Hulk out of that tank top and pile drive you brother! T-Bone Deserves a Steak for pulling this shot off. 3rd time was a charm. And it was in the Mullets own back yard from gawd sakes. My friends have the best jobs for capturing epic photos like this! Photo: T-Bone (Tampa Area)

The Rattail kid (aka. mini mullet) spotted in Walmart!

Some people like to call them Rattails but lets face it, they are really just mini mullets, cause probably 90% of the time, they had a full on mullet and couldn’t come to grips with cutting it all off so the end result becomes “The Rattail”. Photo: T-Bone (Gainesville Walmart)

The Camo Limo – Hunting in Style

Here’s a perfect example of how to "Be Seen & Not Seen" at the same time. I bet the Mossy Oak President is in there!!! Hunting has never been more glamourous. This photo was taken by T-Bone outside the home of Ray Finkle, first and only pro athlete out of Collier county… And one Hell of a model American!

The Mulletino – Wear N Flair

The Mulletino – Wear n Flair., originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Clean Cut in the front, Party Manimal in the Back. The “Wear N Flair” is a unique style of mullet in which you never style the back. you just let the natural wear take course. To put this one back in a pony tail would be a huge dishonor. Photo: T-Bone.

See You Next Tuesday – Drive By Drawings

You Know What You Are?, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

T-Bone got this one while driving up I-75 North. He says it was taped in the window so it was directed at him, but he mentioned they also had a “Sorry” sign in the back window. Nice Top Hat Driver.

Monster Camero Pawn Shop Mascot

Field Correspondent T-Bone captured this Monster- Camero down in Kissimmee. Thats one hell of a Pawn Shop Mascott!

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So What Is Jiffy Feet?

Well in short, for those of you who don’t know, The term “Jiffy Feet” is southern slang for the act of going to the Jiffy Store (or any convenience store/corner store) without any shoes on because you were too lazy to put them on or because you just don’t care. So the act of having dirty feet from walking around on the cold nasty linoleum floor of the store is known as this. However, Our site is not all about photos of people in the jiffy store with their bare feet, but really about capturing the lifestyle of people who would typically be caught up in this act on a daily basis. i.e., if your crazy enough to go to the store barefooted, your probably the same person who would grow a nasty mullet and turn the broken down car in your front lawn into a playground for your kids. For a longer explanation of the term and its origins, see our Definition Page

Getting it done Since 2004 (but really a lot longer)
My friends and I have been cataloging photos of these events, places, people, and things for many many years now, and have finally found an outlet to share it with the world. Most of the photos are pics we have been taking on a current day to day basis, but when the Jiffy is slow, we’re not afraid to pull a good one out of the vault.

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Ginger Flair Mullet

Ginger Flair, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Captured by T-BONE down at the SWAMP in Gainesville. Go Gators