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Do they make those with Prescription lenses?

Haha, I really can’t make any fun of this, I used to drive around in a mascot outfit just to see peoples reactions. Maybe she is just breaking them in for next ski season. anywho, nice pic “The Butscher” @pointshootenjoy!

First Rule of Beer Cooler Safety FAIL!

cooler-rack.jpg, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

So apparently four dudes jam packed in Saturn with the Cooler strapped to the trunk and spoiler with rope is more acceptable to these guys than three guys and the cooler inside which I think myself and the rest of the world would agree would be the obvious choice. Especially if there is beer in there. Sorry 4th guy… your out. What’s the first rule of Beer Cooler Safety… never strap cooler to the outside of a Saturn via crappy plastic spoiler. C’mon guys, everyone knows spoilers on Saturn cars are purely cosmetic and not properly bolted down. Man Club FAIL. Photo: The Butscher

Smoke Yur Butt Part 2 – The Pig Rig!!!

Ok so we have covered the “Southern Spellin Bee” part of this monstrosity in a previous post, but this time it’s much more serious. Before it was just a wooden sign, not so permanent or expensive but now that gawd awful “Tree Mendous” logo is painted on a van that is painted pink with polka dots and a little squiggly pig tail on that back to insinuate that this van is the pig… hahah. I guess they weren’t playing around. We might have to go and eat at this place one day and see what all the BUTT is about! Photo: The Butscher

For a Good Time visit and get the full effect!

July 4th = Flags, Eagles, Fireworks & Wolves.

Freedom of Im Speechless, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

It’s 4th of July Weekend people, and you know what that means!!! It’s the weekend that you will see more patriotism (aka… Flags, Eagles, Fireworks and Wolves) than you will see all year. So get your camera’s ready and lets capture every damn 4th of July Jiffy spectacle possible. And most of all lets celebrate our nations birthday in style. So if you see someone sporting anyone of these items this weekend, give em a High 5… cause they are what keeps the Jiffy Alive. Top Photo: The Ratt, Bottom Photo: The Butscher

Freedom of Im Speechless

Freedom of Im Speechless, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Photoshop who? Illustrator What? Nothing says epic like an American Airbrushing! Wolves, Eagles, Flags… Check! Photo: The Butscher via I-295 (pointshootenjoy)

2009 Opening Of The Beaches photoset


Last week, “The Butscher” forward me to a photo set on flickr by David Gano of the Opening of the Jacksonville Beaches, that is pretty damn jiffy worthy if I do say so myself. The first couple of pages are of the Parade and some interesting individuals that attended, but I think the photo set ends at Bo’s Coral Reef, so if that’s not you cup of tea beware. Thanks for the Great Images David!

Click here to see the whole set on flickr now. (stop on Page 2 to avoid pics from Bo’s)

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So What Is Jiffy Feet?

Well in short, for those of you who don’t know, The term “Jiffy Feet” is southern slang for the act of going to the Jiffy Store (or any convenience store/corner store) without any shoes on because you were too lazy to put them on or because you just don’t care. So the act of having dirty feet from walking around on the cold nasty linoleum floor of the store is known as this. However, Our site is not all about photos of people in the jiffy store with their bare feet, but really about capturing the lifestyle of people who would typically be caught up in this act on a daily basis. i.e., if your crazy enough to go to the store barefooted, your probably the same person who would grow a nasty mullet and turn the broken down car in your front lawn into a playground for your kids. For a longer explanation of the term and its origins, see our Definition Page

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My friends and I have been cataloging photos of these events, places, people, and things for many many years now, and have finally found an outlet to share it with the world. Most of the photos are pics we have been taking on a current day to day basis, but when the Jiffy is slow, we’re not afraid to pull a good one out of the vault.

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One Rad Ragtop / Dragster Chute!

The Automobile Files

This may just be me, but I wasn’t aware Toyota had added a “Camping Package” to the new ’07 line of covertable Camry’s? It kind of reminds of those old spy cartoons where the guy would hit the parachute button on his racecar as he went off the cliff and something completely random would pop out (in this case 4 man tent) causing him to smash into the canyon. I would say that it looks like they were just moving from camp site to camp site but that thing looks fastend to the rear view mirror prety tight. Also crobar infroms me that those high dollar tents have a removable bottom, so theres a good chance they might actually be hangin out in there. If thats true, this has got to be the first tent to come with AC, Radio, and Anti lock brakes! Very Nice “The Butscher”!

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Hi-Tech Redneck Rav4!

The Automobile Files

Let me tell you, nothing says “YeeHaw Im a Cowboy” Like a Toyota Rav4! Rednecks the world over are turning over in thier graves. Apparently, the induction of foriegn companies into nascar has already started spreading like wild fires! I think I just heard the “I drove my chevy to the levy” track on my Country Top 15 CD skip! – Props to “The Butscher’s” friend Tara for the pic!

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