60 pics from The Turkey Rod Run

Turkey Rod Run 2006

The Turkey Rod Run on Thanksgiving weekend in the Daytona Speedway is pretty much my favorite thing to do all year, one because I love Muscle cars, and Two,Because its like Bikeweek, A Fleamarket, Garage sales, and the Fair all wrapped into one. You get to see pretty much anything you can think of here. People drag tons of old car parts down here to try to sell for way too much, There are some of the baddest muscle cars you ever seen from all over the country and a strange underground “customized wagon” cult brewing! And tons of people who aren’t handicapped ride around on motorized carts so they dont have to walk. Its crazy. so sit back and enjoy these 60 hand selected pics from over two days by me and the crobar, and hopefully laugh your ass off at our commentary we came up with for you to try to capture the moment and let you know just what we were thinking when we took these pics. And If you have the time please comment back and let us know if you like em or if you just think were a-holes! In the name of good fun..enjoy!

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  1. Meisy says:

    Pee’s Wee’s bike is called a what?

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