She’s bringing floppy back… Yeah!!!

I guess you could say she has an ear for fashion and a very little storage space. Photo @johnlimanti #HipsterHardrives #DiskSpace #jiffyfeet

Tailgating in Alabama has gone country!

Everybody sing… “The closer you get, The slower I go-ooo… I’ll be checkin my breaks now, In no time at all.” – photo courtesy of @pointshootenjoy #BackOff #IslandLife #Jiffyfeet

The Sock Monkey Rides a Hog!!!

Now that’s one bad ass monkey! At least now we know who win in a fight between him and Curious George. #BestBikeMaskEver #BadMonkey #JiffyFeet #RearviewMonkey Photo: Lonnie – Atlantic Beach Fl.

Do you Wanna Dry or Die?

Do you Wanna Dry or Die?, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Come with me… Hail Mary… Ride on one seat… What do we have here now? Do you wanna Dry or Die… Nananah Na Nah na nah! That’s one hell of a scooter backrest, One Hand and one strap should do it. #HighHeat #NoSpeedWobbles #DryOrDie #JiffyFeet Photo: MattZ on Mayport Rd.

No Sugar In Their Tanks!

No Sugar In Their Tanks!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Hmmm … Glad it’s the Watresses and not the Waitresses at this restaurant… cause nobody wants to see that. Photo: @amesploss at Ponce Inlet

They Should have Tabled This Idea.

This photo is proof that magic is real. One trunk, 3 Wooden Tables, Zero ropes… Abracadabra! Photo @ImBigWood – Mayport #TrunkTableJenga #BlaineItOnTheDave


4 DOORS for MORE WHORES., originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Maybe its just me, but I kinda feel like having a big sticker like this on your trucks back window would in fact attract less whores, because what woman in her right mind would get into that truck. However, I guess that would depend on wether or not said whores are in denial of their Whoredom or have come to terms with the reality of their sexual prowess and are in turn using such labels as advertisement. With that being said, If this guys preference is for the later of the two then he would in fact be fishing with the right bait as they say. And if you look closely at the passenger side rearview mirror, you can see a woman riding shotgun while it appears they are their way to a yard sale. So shame on us for questioning this fisherman’s methods. Because according to this guys sticker, its not how you catch em’ that matters, its how many right? haha. Well played sir. I would also like to point out where he also purchased this vehicle. Need we say… MOORE. Photo: P. Carter – Neptune Beach

Scissors of Anarchy!

Why carry just one blade when you can have two that will cut, clip, and slice yo ear off!!! Guess you can never be two prepared these days… you never know when a real life Rock, Paper, Scissors fight might break out in a Bar or Crafts-n-more haha. Chop Chop!!! Photo: Bruce Bruce – Buckman Bridge Jacksonville

Low-Def Semi On Demand Basic Cable Delivery

Are you one of the few people out there that are tired of paying monthly fees for tons of channels on a big hi-def tv? Well we have got your answer! Low-Def Semi On Demand Basic Cable Delivery is here… coming to a small beach town near you! Unless the one bungee cord we use to hold this crappy tv on the back of the scooter breaks or we get a job as a pizza delivery guy soon then never mind. Photo: P Carter (Jax Pier)

Cool Runnings Corsica Style!

Cool Runnings Corsica Style!, originally uploaded by jiffyfeet.

Feel the Wiggle… Feel the Slide… Watch out y’all, it’s break free time!!! I mean in what world does one tie strap hold a 400lb double door refrigerator on top of a beat up old Chevy Corsica? haha. I bet watching them get this thing onto the car would have been as hilarious as this picture. But then again, that Corsica does look like it has been down a bob sled track a couple of times. Or as we like to call it down here, a fire trail through a tree lined forest. Lord help then if they had to hit the breaks, you know that thing is going flying off the front hood. Photo: Gricker (Somewhere one Highway 301 – North Florida)